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July 26, 2023
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IMZUber helping Larsen jewelry increase their digital presence

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Larsen Jewelry is not like the other retail shops because we are different. We do not get much-passing trade and that is the major reason why we rely on online marketing. Hence, our main focus is always on our website and how we can make it better to attract as many customers as we can. As we could not get a hold of our website and how to gain more visibility, we couldn’t be happier with IMZUber running our website promotion. He has worked with us for a long time at a previous SEO provider and later founded APG Web Studios. Apart from being extremely capable, you won’t find anyone more dedicated and hardworking other than him! IMZUber takes personal service seriously- one of his biggest strengths -and shows genuine interest in how his work affects your business too!

One of my top criteria when vetting out candidates was finding someone who took the responsibility seriously. IMZUber fits into this category! To find the right person for our online marketing, one of the most important criteria is to find someone with a good and creative mind. IMZUber has shown us exactly what he can do and what his aims are. It gives real value to end-users instead of giving them just short-term gains. His techniques and strategies were amazing. Not only did it improve our rankings on Google, but it also increased traffic greatly during these periods, which ran concurrently with each other. After IMZUber took overall online marketing duties, we saw an increase in organic traffic from college students who rely heavily on SEO visits from search engines such as Google!

How IMZUber helped Larsen Jewelry Increase Their Online Marketing.

What was once a physical store has now become an online business. Larsen Jewelry has always been an innovator in the jewelry and fashion industry. Still, with the help of IMZUber, they have been able to spread their brand worldwide through social media. Here’s how IMZUber helped them grow their online audience. Larsen has always been a leader in the jewelry and fashion industry, but they needed to expand their reach. As a global company, they wanted to market themselves internationally. IMZUber helped them gain the right social media and marketing experience to succeed internationally. They are now receiving international attention for their innovative collections that forever change the way we think about jewelry!

Larsen’s innovative designs are not only changing the way people think about jewelry, but they’re also pioneering the way we think about fashion. With their use of organic materials, sustainable manufacturing methods, and eco-friendly choices, Larsen is paving new ground in the industry. Larsen has been recognized as one of the best jewelry brands in Canada for its quality and unique designs. They have collaborated with some of the most renowned designers to create beautiful pieces loved by customers everywhere!

How did IMZUber help them grow their audience?

IMZUber helped Larsen Jewelry on the path of online marketing. They helped them grow their audience through social media, a growing platform for their brand. The first step in how IMZUber helped them grow their audience was by helping them create a website that would allow them to expand their reach. They established an online presence with everything from an online store to an online blog. Next, they created a Facebook page and engaged with their followers through posts and comments.

Since then, they have seen many of these followers build into long-term customers! It’s important to note that the most successful marketing campaigns are always in partnership with other companies. This is why IMZUber worked with Larsen Jewelry to help make sure they were getting the right information and guidance while they grew their audience on Social Media. As you can see, IMZUber has been integral in helping Larsen Jewelry expand its reach and grow its audience worldwide!

The benefits of working with IMZUber

IMZUber has helped Larsen Jewelry grow its internet presence exponentially. IMZUber provides various services to help increase your social media presence and digital marketing strategy. They also use strategic marketing to help you reach the right audience, which is key in expanding your business worldwide. Moreover, IMZUber helps companies like Larsen access an international audience on social media through digital marketing. With their expertise in this space and ability to connect brands with consumers, they have significantly increased their presence in local markets worldwide.

IMZUber’s value proposition

IMZUber’s value proposition gave Larsen the tools necessary to market themselves internationally successfully. They have given them the experience and skillsets to succeed in international markets and the tools to manage their online marketing and social media campaigns successfully. IMZUber has also helped them with their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. The platform has been able to help them rank on Google’s first page for competitive keywords that are crucial in growing their audience. IMZUber is helping Larsen Jewelry grow its international business, reaching new audiences and expanding its reach and global marketability!

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Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
IMZUBER was founded by Zuber S. a renowned SEO expert in Surat. He has spent 10 years working with several firms as a team leader, an online marketing manager, and now he is a refined and unique SEO strategy developer with a demonstrated history in top-ranking across a diverse market.


  1. Wanda R. Caton says:

    As a jewelry enthusiast, I’ve always appreciated the finesse that Larsen Jewelry brings to their creations. To learn that they’re now expanding their reach through a stronger digital presence is fantastic news! The journey from traditional showcases to virtual showrooms is undoubtedly a fascinating one.

  2. Simone V. McClellan says:

    What an intriguing read! In a world where everything is going digital, it’s refreshing to see a traditional and artistic industry like jewelry making its mark online. The collaboration between FlexForce and Larsen Jewelry showcases the importance of embracing digital platforms to amplify brand presence.

  3. Marlene D. Estes says:

    The fusion of craftsmanship and technology is a marvel in itself. It’s heartening to witness Larsen Jewelry recognizing the potential of a robust digital strategy. The jewelry industry thrives on emotions and stories, and I can only imagine how well these narratives translate onto digital platforms.

  4. Kevin A. Garcia says:

    Enhancing a jewelry brand’s digital presence is such a pivotal step in today’s interconnected world. I’m always fascinated by stories of how businesses like Larsen Jewelry are leveraging the power of digital platforms to reach a broader audience.

  5. Bryan S. Walton says:

    Looking forward to reading more about Larsen Jewelry’s digital transformation and the insights shared by FlexForce. The world of jewelry is evolving, and it’s exhilarating to see brands adapting and thriving in the digital landscape.

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