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How are the PayPal fees calculated?

Paypal fees calculator by
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PayPal is the most splendid and popular method for money transactions. When one sends the money through PayPal, then he is subjected to pay a certain fee for it. The PayPal fee calculator is the main source that makes people about the payment amount that is charged for the transaction.

PayPal Transaction Fee

Most often, such an online transaction method is used by employers to pay payments to freelancers. PayPal invoice calculator helps in finding the actual amount sent to the freelancer. Hence, he has to add on charges value too so that the receiver gets the earned amount. Hence, you can now easily check how much PayPal charges per invoice. Hence, you can determine the charges for all the monthly invoices and can have an entire idea about all the deductions for money transfer.

The fee for the domestic transaction through PayPal is 2.9% plus $0.30. However, for the international transaction, the deduction of the PayPal fee is 4.4% plus $0.30. Paypal fee calculator by to calculate paypal fee in instant.


is quite a swift and accurate means to determine the PayPal fee. Hence, one can make a selection for the amount to pay by adding the fee amount to it. PayPal does not demand any sort of charges for account opening. Similarly, receiving money from PayPal is entirely free.

Method to Calculate PayPal Fee

You can use the assistance of the PayPal fee calculator whenever you want. Check the speed of the internet and then get access to your PayPal. If one is not having a PayPal account, then make one by entering your personal information and adding the password to it after clicking on the signup option. Now, verify the account, and you enjoy receiving and sending money through it.

Access PayPal Account

Open up the account and navigate the option of History and now click on the button of Payments Received. Look for the balance that you are having had in the PayPal account. You can send an amount to multiple people with ease through the use of Send money option. Now enter the amount in it after calculating it from the PayPal fee calculator. The method to calculate the PayPal fee is super easy.

Open PayPal Fee Calculator

Open up the PayPal fee calculator and then enter the amount in it in terms of $. The major categories on it include domestic transaction fee, international, domestic fee, mobile card reader, and virtual terminal.

Choose Transaction Type

Now make a selection for the transaction type from the drop-down menu. It is associated with a certain fee that varies from one transaction type to another. After making a selection from it, hit the button of Calculate.

Get Output

The PayPal fee calculator will process your command and will come up with the actual money that would be sent to the receiver after making deductions in it. You can use it multiple times for making multiple calculations without any hassle.

In a Nutshell

PayPal calculator fee is a reliable source for being aware of the charges deducted for a peculiar transaction. Hence, there does not exist any confusion for sending the exact amount of the invoice to the freelancers. It ensures to avoid the risk of error or mistake that is much common in the case of manual calculation.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
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  1. Martin says:

    I had no idea there were such large commissions!
    But if there’s no other option it’s good that there’s PayPal!

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