SEO Types Good SEO & Bad SEO
SEO Types : Good SEO & Bad SEO
July 3, 2018
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SEO Acronym : What is SEO? & How to do

What is SEO (Google)

The current business environment has evolved and is highly dependent on the ever dynamic technology.

There are several digital marketing tools that are used to capture customers’ attention. SEO is one of such tools.

What does SEO acronym stand for?

SEO acronym means Search engine optimization, SEO helps business owners with business websites rank higher in Google search engines.

SEO marketing technique helps drive traffic to your business website.

In this 21st century, technology is the driving force of essential sectors of the economy of different nations.

Nowadays, more than 1 billion websites are in existence.

To find a particular site, a specific marketing technique is vital for it to rank high in Google search engine.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of these techniques.

What Does Seo Mean In Business?

SEO is a very important tool for any business that is operating online or has a website that the owner wishes to rank higher.

SEO helps improve the website to rank higher or be number one on Google or Bing search engines.

By using specific business keywords, SEO helps to influence the algorithms of search engines to power up your website rankings in search results.

  • What is SEO?
  • How to works?
  • What is Backlink?
  • How to Learn SEO?

For most starting businesses trying to establish their brands online, SEO can be a bit of torturing.

Search engine optimization is simple and every business can make good use of it. (Do Yourself SEO)

The results are your business brand will rank high in Google and other search engines. Besides, your return on investment will be high.

What is SEO?

SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization.

This is a marketing structure for optimizing the website to increase unpaid traffic(Free).

The best way to understand this term is by first, understanding the technical aspect of it.

The simplest definition of the SEO is to take your website ratings at a new height for various search engines.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

It includes site planning that is enhanced to meet the criteria of Search Engines calculations.

The Marketing Aspects

It’s crucial to understand SEO marketing efforts as its key to drive traffic, generate leads and conversion. You do not need to write great content that pleases Google but one that is appealing to the audience.

The Technical Detail

If you intend to drive traffic to your website, know the best practice to optimize your content and site. The majority of businesses have understood the ups and downs and the return on investment (ROI).

Exciting Domain

Crafting content that will drive free traffic to your website is essential. SEO keeps changing its algorithm now and then and marketer’s needs to read on these changes.

A criteria of this meaning suggests to the arrangement of rules that sites must follow.

This should be followed keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the Search Engine Results pages are filled with great quality and reliable connections.

This gives the Search Engines a proper reputation, gives your business more clients and gives the clients what they need.

But, on the other hand, it is also important that visitors visit your site has to be good.

This is called good quality of traffic.

If your products have not listed properly, you may not get a good return or good traffic.

How SEO Works?

When users search for phrases in search engines, the results displayed are the ones’ relevant to the phrase.

For instance when you search the term “make money online” websites that have adopted the best SEO practices will get displayed.

There are several factors that affect the ranking of a website.

The good news is that you can work on a handful of them and improve the ranking of your website.

Google and other major search engines use a set of on-site and off-site factors when ranking sites.

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO


On-site factors are those elements that take place on your site.

You have complete control over them. However, they go beyond content marketing to HTML of your site.

These On-Page SEO factors can help improve your website.

To improve the ranking of a site, businesses should concentrate on making customers happy.

This involves fresh, engaging and best quality contents.

It also involves a clear and easy to understand the design of the website.

Happy user experience leads into linking.

Top 5 Key ON-PAGE SEO Factor

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Heading Tag
  • ALT Tag

The Title Tag

This should be less than 70 characters.

CTR( Click Through Rate) depend on Title Tag.

Attractive Title Increase CTR & Ranking in Search Engine. [RankBrain]

Title Tag Impress Google Visitor for Click on Your website Link.

It should include a keyword, what your content is focusing on and the name of your business.

Read More about Meta Title Tag
Length 50–70 characters
Code Attractive & Effective Title Write Here

Meta Description

Meta Description : This is an explanation of what your page is about.

It also helps the audience understands more about the page and if it’s relevant.

A perfect Meta description should include a keyword and explain more about the content.

Length 50 - 300 characters


Sub-heading make the content easier to read.

Make good use of H1, H2, and H3 tags.

H1 Tag Unique Each Page (Per Page One H1 Tag use).

Multiple Use in Page.

They will tell search engines what your content is about.

Always Long Tail Keywords & Alternative Keyword use in Heading Tag.

Internal Links

Hyperlinks or internal links helps search engines to understand more your site.

For instance, if you are discussing about certain services, you can link the blog post to your blog.

Image Name and ALT Tags

If you include images in your content or within your website, include the keyword in the image name or alt tag.

Doing so will help Google to index your images.

Also, having more attention and social links leads to becoming a great part of SEO.

Apart from these links, anchor text is another important factor.

Catchy and appealing anchor texts to the customer, the possibilities of bringing more hits to your website pages get increased.

Website Domain

Yes, website's URL also affect your online brand.

First of all, domain name should be short and easy to remember.

If you want to sell a product or service, the domain should contain the name of the product or service.

The shorter the domain, the better it will be for visitors to remember it.

simple the visitor remember. If the domain is too long, then visitors will have to go to Google to search for your site, which in return will have effect on the URL of your page.

Visitor will access your website faster if your URL is short and simple to remember.

One very important thing about HTTP with relation to domain according to Google's terms is that Google put it as a top priority.

HTTPS to your visitors means that your website is safe for them.

Take a simple and short domain. Keep in mind the product and service.

Make short and simple url of site's inner page. For your website, buy HTTPS certificate and add it.

If you have broken links on your website, try to fix it as quickly as possible.

Website Content

Content is king.

If You keep unique and fresh content in website then google will Rank Website.

But if your content copy paste from other site that you should never gate rank in google search engine.

Site content must be user friendly and updated with unique content.

Visitor get old and unnecessary content for read then the more time will not stop at your website.

Its create negative impact for both user and google.

Regularly update your website content every time google need fresh  content.

Google provide latest  update information to his visitor .

Copy content  create bad  image if your content is copy  from another site.  

your  website should  never get top rank in google .   

Keep your website content as long as  possible (1000 word   up).

Content is gold value  of online business,  get more and more return in long  time.

According to semrush analysis  long your content length is more you  get a first number chance in google.

Short note :

  1. Use keyword   as a main content is webpage. 
  1. Use bold tag   keywords in content. 
  1. Use   header tag   in content (H1, H2, H3). 
  1. Make heading with use of keyword in H1. 
  1. Use image in content with the use of alt tag in keyword. 
  1. Do internal linking in your website.

Off-Site Factors

Off-page factors are those that the organization optimizing your site has control over. Below are some of these off-page elements that will affect your website positively.


Backlink is popularly known is an important factor of SEO.

It is when your link is linked on many websites.

If you look at popular website, their links spread over a lot of places.

If you have a website, it is advisable you share your website link on different website like

The more your site get reference from other sites, the more your value grow on google.

But remember not to spam. Link your site with high authority and relevant sites.

Backlinks is one popular way to build off-page SEO.

However, you have to be vigilant with spamming links.

Spam sites can result in your website to get banned by search engines.

To avoid such occurrence, build a relationship with bloggers who create quality content and they will link your site in their content.

Linking is a big element of SEO.

Having a huge amount of inbound links to your website is a key signal that consumers liking your site very much.

This factor makes the Search Engines happy.

What is SEO Backlink?

These are external links to your website.

For instance, if you link your blog to “Marketing agency Australia” you are generating a backlink for them.

You have to get more quality backlinks, the higher the authority.

Sort note:
1. More backlinks should be different from different domains and IPS.
2. Backlink must be from high authority site and relevant sites.
3. Backlink must be match with different anchor tag.
4. Don’t use same keywords and don`t repeat.


Nowadays’ Google is using the trust to determine how legit your site is. The only way to build trust is to build quality links from authoritative sites.

Other Factors …

Clean and Responsive Design

A well-optimized site is that which is clean, responsive and functional to all devices and sizes.

In addition, if your site is mobile-friendly, Google will favor your site more.

If you are using WordPress, install AMP Plugin to help your site load fast.

If you aren’t using WordPress, then deploy a tactic on how to speed mobile pages using Google.

How To Learn SEO

The best way to learn SEO is to start practicing it.

The more unique content you write, the more responsive and organic your site is, the better results you should expect.

SEO like other digital marketing requires time.

So, give your SEO practice several months, about three or four to see consistent results.

In other words, SEO is not a one-time job but the results are worth.

You should be willing to learn.

Bottom Line

To build a successful business, you have to take every step with utmost seriousness it deserves.

Keep in mind that you can also get traffic from building the fan base.

You can also get featured on major sites and get traffic from social media.

If you have no idea about SEO and you would like to encrypt in your business, there are SEO agencies you can contract.

Not all agencies will get you the results you expect.[Good SEO & Bad SEO]

Take time to sample among agencies and work with a reputable agency.

Last but not least, SEO isn’t cheap but the rewards are everlasting.

That’s if all aspects are followed as expected. If you are not happy with your website ranking, it’s high time you have to use SEO.

I believe this article has been helpful. If you have enjoyed it, feel free to leave a comment. Welcome back for more content about online marketing.

When executed properly, SEO can be sustainable and profitable.

To become successful, SEO services should contain technical optimization, content development and improvements and link outreach.

All in all, SEO is the best way of marketing in today’s era of digital technology.

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