Best SEO Tools 2024[Update List]

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July 26, 2023
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Best SEO Tools 2024[Update List]

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A webmaster who plans on ranking top on search engines must be conversant with top SEO tools. Learning the SEO technics and analysis may be difficult, most especially, for the newbies in the game. Are you looking for the best SEO tools to promote your blog/website ranking? Do you want your site to pop up on the first page of any search engine, most especially Google search engine? If yes, here are the highly used SEO tools you should get your hands on to boost your ranking on search engines. There are various SEO tools which are useful to digital marketers. But when it comes to select the best, they look for top 10+ In the year 2018, here are top SEO tools that can fulfill your goals in the best possible ways.

Copy Content Check Just Few Second ..

This is one SEO tool that is a must for every webmaster. Since search engine gives little or no regard to plagiarize content, the need to check for a duplicate article can’t be over emphasized.

Action : Enter Website Domain Link and Press Go Button ....

There are a series of tools available for running a plagiarism test, but Copyscape stand top above others. Copy and paste an article or a blog URL and Copyscape will immediately show you where else such article is published online. Apart from using tools like Copyscape it is also very important to understand the technology behind plagiarism. This will help you to stay safe and write your content with any plagiarism.Best Feature: “Easy to Find Other Copy content website.” Benefits: Take Care before Ranking drop in Search Engine

This is another SEO tool that can improve your ranking on search engine. It is the second largest website crawler after Google.

Action : Enter Website Domain Link and Press Go Button .... Ahrefs help you locate the part of your blog or website that needs to be attended to in order to speed up your SEO ranking. Also, this tool tells you where your competitors are getting their backlinks from so you can use it as stepping stone for your brand.

Functions this tool perform includes competitor research, keyword research, SEO audit, rank tracking and many more. [Ahrefs GuideBest Feature: “Easy to Find Other competitors ..” Benefits: Find Competitor Backlinks Source, Collect Competitor Best Keywords

This SEO tool works wonderfully on how to check the usability, versatility and speed rate of your website on phone, desktop and other devices.

Action : Enter Website Domain Link and Press Go Button ....

In case you are not aware, Google use your site’s loading speed as a ranking factor. This tool will tell you if your site is as fast as lighting or slow as snail. Input your site URL and this SEO tool will examine the loading time, and also test the site performance on desktop and on several devices for you. Added advantage for using this tool is that it highlights any area your site need improvement and commend you where you are doing a great job. [Latest Google Update: Page Speed Ranking on Mobile SearchBest Feature: “Website Speed Check”Benefits: Fix bugs & Improve website Speed.

The Moz local listing is an SEO tool that enables you to view online what your local business looks like.

Action : Enter Website Domain Link and Press Go Button ....It calculates and compress data from different sources with Google inclusive. It crunches over 15 sources just to score your business online appearance. However, Moz local listing does show it results too with total lapses that needs fixing for incomplete listings. Best Feature: “Local Listing Check” Benefits: Improve Local Visibility.

If you are seriously in need of SEO tools that will improve your site ranking on search engines, Google analytics is a pretty good one for the job.

Action : Register Account/ Use Gmail Account & Configure Website ....Google analytics will provide you with a complete website statistic couple with the search insights. This ranking tool track pretty well all the traffic that comes your site. Plus, it also provides all the keyword insights regarding the various words that your potential and seasonal audience used to land on your web page. Best Feature: “Website Traffic Check” Benefits: Check Source, Medium & Improve Visibility

This is a free tool for webmasters. This search engine tool tells you what Google sees on your website including the most visited page on your site, crawling speed and crawling rate.

Action : Enter Website Domain Link and Press Go Button .... Whether your website is ranked as standard or substandard, Google webmaster tools will show you what you need to put in place to rank higher. Embracing the tool will also help you to notice any bug issue and indexing problem at the early stages. Note: To use Google webmaster tools, you have to install it on your website. For a WordPress website, it can be done using a plugin like Yoast or Jetpack. Best Feature: “Website SEO Health Check”Benefits: Fix Broken Links, Increase Keywords Visibility, Get Search Keywords volume and Ranking


One of the advantages that webmasters ranking top on search engine have is their ability to plan a nice keyword that people can’t help but type on search engines.

Action : Enter Keywords and submit .... With the help of Google keyword planner, all you need to do is to insert some keywords into the tool.

Google will do the other necessary things for you. It will even go as far as suggesting keywords you may never have considered.  Best Feature: “Keyword Analysis” Benefits: Find Best Keyword (Low Competition & High Search Volume)

This free SEO tool work best for e-commerce websites. You can use this free SEO tool to search for good and nice topics suitable for your e-commerce website.

This tool helps you compile a list of keywords web users are typing on search engines. Best Feature: “Get Content Topic Idea”Benefits: Follow People Query & Give Answer for More Web Traffic

Talking about the most detailed and up to the minute search engine optimization analysis tools, Spyfu should never be over emphasized.

Action : Enter Your Competitor Website Link and Press Search Button .... This SEO tool possesses some attributes that keeps driving huge lead to blog owners. This SEO tool allows you to view the monthly statistics of a particular keyword searched online. Hence, it paves way for you to determine where lies the problem against the coming months. Also, the tool enables you to carry out some findings to know the keywords your closest competitors are using. Not only that, you can still browse through your niche competitor’s website to know the total number of organic keywords at their disposal, the actual monthly views they scoop, their ad’s details on Google AdWords to mention but few.

According to online marketing experts, Majestic is one of the best marketing SEO tools.

Action : Enter Website Domain URL and Press Search Button .... It possesses plethora numbers of useful features that contributes immensely to your site SEO ranking. Majestic has a feature called The Majestic Million. This feature tells you the top million ranking websites. In addition, it allows you to view the length and width of your online store together with the backlinks figures. The Site Explorer, another feature by Majestic allow webmasters to find the most search keywords online so they can use it on their content to boost their SEO experience.

Action : Enter Website Domain URL and Press Search Button .... Nightwatch is an advanced SEO tool with extensive functionality, such as advanced segmentation, filtering abilities, and more. It is exceptionally good at segmentation and visualization of the data. Like no other tool, it enables internet professionals to get a better understanding of how search rankings, site changes, and traffic correlate and affect search visibility. It’s perfect as an all-in-one SEO performance solution, especially for the websites aimed at scaling.

BuzzStream helps you get your email outreach and link building aspects easily. You can also use it if you are working with a team. You need to check out the new prospecting and email-finding features. They are absolutely fabulous and make sense you have to achieve a lot in no time. Its user-friendliness is another advantage.

Like always SEMrush is again is the “talk of the town” in 2018. It’s a super powerful keyword research application that is an important part of search engine optimization. Apart from finding highly effective and productive keywords, it also does many roles for SEO and truly brings the expected results.

Initially named “Screaming Frog”, the SEO Spider is another great SEO tool and has clients like Disney, Shazam, and, Dell. The tool is quick at searching and finding friendly URLs. The tool also investigates your site to check for broken page links. You can also find if your title tags, duplicate meta tags, and tags of the wrong length.

KWFinder is the tool that helps you get long-tail keywords with a lower level of competition. Apart from finding the best keywords, the tool is also used to run analysis reports on SERP and backlink.

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Like always, Moz is one of the SEO tools that grabs its place in every list of top SEO tools.

The best benefit of using Moz is that it remains updated even if the Google algorithm keeps changing.

As such, you will find current and real-time results for your SEO aspects.


These are not the only top most used SEO tools for ranking on search engines but the ones mentioned above are a must for effective SEO campaign.

However, it’s not necessary that you try all these tools. All you need is to check out for the one that’s compatible and works better for your website or blog and you are so good to go!

Your Favorite SEO tools missing in this List !!! Drop comment below.

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