Factors to Consider When Choosing Hosting for Your WooCommerce Website
Factors to Consider When Choosing Hosting for Your WooCommerce Website
June 21, 2022
Magento Ecommerce SEO Best Practices
Magento Ecommerce SEO Best Practices
October 12, 2022
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MilesWeb is India’s Best VPS Provider

Milesweb Is India's Best VPS Provider
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Your website has grown much and is receiving heavy traffic. Don’t you feel it is time you switch to better hosting? It is expected for every business to receive more visitors that turn into customers. If you have started to get much traffic, your website may face downtimes and bounce rates. To avoid experiencing any downtime, switching to reliable and super-fast web hosting services is the perfect solution.

Now to start with, VPS hosting is the hosting type that enhances the website in all areas. It doesn’t limit the usage of resources like shared hosting but offers freedom to utilize as much as you want.

Affordable VPS hosting services has more to provide in that case. It will help you heighten your website/business to a great extent.

VPS has the potentiality to hold heavier traffic. It offers more resources and privacy as well. If you ever worry about fraudulent activities, VPS will resolve the query as it provides high security.

When business websites grow big, security becomes vital. The chances of malicious activities increase. It urges for better privacy and security in that case. This is why switching to VPS hosting is important.

What Does VPS Hosting Mean?

VPS hosting is a hosting that offers more privacy. It stores essential data on the webserver and helps visitors browse them.

In VPS hosting, you enjoy a virtual private server. The physical server breaks down into multiple virtual servers, which are distributed among many users.

Each user owns a private virtual server. As every user has their servers, there is no sharing of the space. You also get 100% dedicated resources with VPS hosting.

Let us say VPS hosting is a compartment where one of the floors is completely yours. You don’t share any space with any user. It belongs to you and all other resources like flats, rooms, and everything is yours.

Similarly, it is with VPS hosting. You get a part of the physical server on a virtual level. The virtual server offers a completely isolated environment, and you don’t share the server space with others.

As your resources are dedicated to you, you also receive the benefit of unlimited usage. You can use the resources as per the requirement.

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Where Should I get the Best VPS Services?

MilesWeb is the top web hosting service provider. If you are low on budget, they will fit your needs. The host is both a quality and inexpensive hosting provider. So you need not worry about a lot of investment. It will give you the best quality at cheap prices.

MilesWeb offers many hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated hosting and cloud hosting.

They have some extra services as well, like domain and SSL certificates.

If you are opting for VPS hosting, you get two options – Windows and Linux VPS hosting. Under both VPS services, there are many plans. You can choose whether you want to go for managed VPS hosting or unmanaged services.

MilesWeb’s managed and unmanaged services offer a 25% discount. For availing of the offer, you will have to buy the plan for at least three years. That’s a good deal as it will save you money.

You can also opt for managed services if you don’t have technical skills or running out of time. The company will help you manage the VPS server and help grow you online.

MilesWeb has a support team that will look after the server and assist you 24/7 with hosting configurations. You need not worry about anything as they will take care of all required assistance.

Plus, you have permission to control the server even when you have opted for managed services. You can customize and monitor your data.

However, if you have the technical knowledge and want to look after your server, you can buy self-managed VPS hosting.

The managed plans start from Rs.630/m, and unmanaged plans start from Rs.480/m after the discount.

Even the migration process is easy with MilesWeb. Their support team will help you transfer your website from another host to MilesWeb.

Plus, their top-notch features will help you increase ranking factors and grow better.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Features

99.99% Uptime

Get high uptime with VPS plans. MilesWeb offers guaranteed network uptime and keeps your website up all the time.

High uptime will also contribute to increasing traffic and sales.

Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb’s VPS plans offer one free SSL certificate. The certificate will protect your data and files on the server. Plus, it will also provide a secure browsing experience.

The traffic generally ensures whether the website has HTTPS and not HTTP. That is what helps them continue browsing.

Human Support

The company provides 24/7 customer support to the users. You can get the required support at any time you want, via chat or email.

Here are more features you can enjoy with MilesWeb –


The best way to expand the business and earn more traffic is to shift from shared hosting. VPS hosting is the perfect selection if you are switching.

It will offer you dedicated resources, privacy and high security.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
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  1. Bruce A. Holliday says:

    MilesWeb has been a game-changer for my online presence. Their top-notch hosting solutions, reliable performance, impeccable customer support, and unwavering focus on security have won me over completely.

  2. Kevin C. Jones says:

    Their knowledgeable and responsive staff consistently went above and beyond to resolve my concerns promptly.

  3. Jesus F. Corbett says:

    The user-friendly interface and seamless integration made setting up and managing my website a breeze. The performance and loading speeds were top-notch, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for my visitors.

  4. Susan R. Swanson says:

    my experience with MilesWeb has been exceptional. It’s evident that they value their customers and prioritize their success. If you’re in the market for reliable and cutting-edge web hosting solutions.

  5. Angela L. Myers says:

    One of the most impressive aspects of FlexForce Pro has been their unwavering customer support. Whenever I had a question or faced an issue, their support team was just a click away, always prompt and helpful in resolving any concerns.

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