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Common Mistakes That Bloggers Make During Guest Posting

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Guest posting is an excellent method to develop your business. It makes a business heard and helps develop authority in the niche. However, when it is done in the wrong way, it can become unproductive, uninfluential, and even damaging your brand.

In this post, we will look at common mistakes that guest bloggers make at the time of writing, pitching, and strategizing guest blog posts. It will help you guard against when doing guest posting for a business.

Absence of a “Solid” Strategy

Guest blogging has to strategic. Form a strategy that assists your objectives for guest blogging. A guest blogger needs to first set its goals and expectations from guest blogging. It could be ranking high on search engines, or showcasing your skills in front of a massive new audience.

Create your strategy that helps accomplish these goals effectively. It could be finding highly authoritative blogs or a blog whose audience is ideal for your business marketing.

Quality Guest Post is a reputed company that provides exposure to a team of expert guest blog writers to its clients. They will help avoid common mistakes and enhance the possibilities of making guest blogging success.

Aiming for The Wrong Websites/Blogs

A poorly crafted strategy can do a lot of harm to your business. Identification of the right blogs for guest posting needs a good amount of research. check best free 100k guest post sites list data with email address.

  • If you wish to improve your search engine rankings for specific types of keywords, form a strategy that involves content creation around those keywords. Next, aim for blogs that cover that rank for those keywords.
  • If you are looking for a new audience, then perform research to find blogs that have a different audience base as that of your blog.

Failing to keep outreach records

Keeping outreach records helps manage communications with different blogs/websites, stay updated about your blog progress, do not approach the same blogger twice, etc. This record keeps you on track with the bloggers that you have reached out to. It informs you about the status of the communication with the bloggers etc.

Writing About Your Business

This is another important mistake that businesses make. Guest posts are meant to be purely informative. A lot of businesses make the mistake of promoting their business via guest posts. It fails to create an impact on readers. So, if you get an opportunity to write a guest post, you should not describe your business services or products.

Such posts look like an advertisement and don’t add value to the reading experience of the user. As these posts fail to create an impact on the user, they do not get links, comments, likes, and shares.

Failing to Add A Link Back to Your Website

A bio and link back to your website help a guest blogger to improve the SEO of his website. It is the key to creating referral leads and traffic. The absence of a backlink prevents readers to access your website and read your content.

Not including an alluring offer

Not providing an offer is another mistake that guest bloggers make. If sales lead generation is the objective of your guest blogging, then you should include a compelling offer in the “bio” section. It could be in the form of downloadable content, free Ebook, and informative guides, etc.


Find out if can relate to any of the above mistakes. If you are not clear on any of the points, you should probe the blog owner to provide the details about their audience. In addition to it, perform your research. It will help you write a guest post that communicates the needs of the audience.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
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