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12 Smart Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel (Without spending Money)

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YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet. More than 1.9 billion users log into YouTube monthly and upload 500 hours of video in every single minute. Since YouTube is a video-sharing platform, many YouTube channels fight to get viewer’s attention.

Using a unique idea for your video content on YouTube works great. Making your channel popular among these vast platforms takes some time and reaches your audience slowly. Once uploading a video on your channel, start promoting it to gain views.

Increase your subscribers and promote your YouTube channel by following the below useful tips and get a positive result.

#1. Writing An Engaging Title

The way of presenting your video is an important strategy in YouTube marketing. The title of your video plays an important role in promoting your YouTube channel. When your viewer searches for a video, they notice the title first before watching a video. Giving an apt and attractive title intends the viewers to watch your full video.

Here are some tips for creating a suitable title for your YouTube video,


  • Use correct keywords – Providing the title with keywords tells about your video and can easily fulfill your viewer’s expectations.
  • Short title – It works better if your title is within 60 characters.
  • Descriptive and clear title – The title should clearly answer the viewer’s question.


#2. Prepare A Quality Content

Prepare A Quality Content

The content with high quality is the key to have great results for your video with more views. Prepare the video with true, informative, and interesting content for your viewers on a unique and engaging topic to keep your viewers active.

After editing your video, start giving your effort on title, tags, and description with suitable keywords to attract visitors to watch your video on your YouTube channel. If your video keeps your visitor watching the whole content, your ranking will be increasing.

#3. Choose The Correct Thumbnail

Choose The Correct Thumbnail

A perfect thumbnail helps the user to click your video right away and brings recognition to your YouTube channel. Choose the relevant thumbnail that suits your video title and content. Using thumbnails helps viewers to see a quick overview of your video while browning their YouTube. 

After uploading your video, you will have two options to choose a thumbnail. Select any of the thumbnails generated by YouTube automatically or select it on your own by relating to your video content and title.

#4. Keep Consistency In Your Video Content

Achieve your goals on YouTube by maintaining consistent content in all the videos you upload. Posting a video frequently will improve your YouTube channel visibility and recognize your brand among more audiences.

Make impressions on your audience’s mind by posting engaging video content regularly. But uploading too much content on a single day will make your audience unsubscribe to your channel. So post only consistent content once in a day at the right time with interesting information.

The perfect time to post on your YouTube channel on weekdays is at 5 PM and your important content on Sundays either in the morning from 8 AM to 11 AM or after 5 PM in the evening.

#5. Know Your Audience Need

Know Your Audience Need

Make sure the content in your video meets your audience’s expectations. Before preparing a video, analyze your audience’s needs and know the type of content they prefer to watch. Any content you publish on your YouTube channel should engage your audience.

If your content is only for promoting your YouTube channel, then watch the videos of your competitors or any top videos related to your industry. Notice the content in the video with more views and greater engagement. From this, you will know the type of content that your audience prefers the most. Use a similar idea to get higher engagement.

YouTube also provides an inbuilt analytics tool for your videos that you upload. It gives the information about your audience location and their demographics to target in a better 


#6. Make Your Videos Popular By Cross Promoting

Just publishing your content on YouTube will not increase your video visibility. According to the data, YouTube viewers watch a billion hours of video every day and generate huge views. Promote your videos on other social media to get a higher engagement rate and expand your audience count.

The important fact is that YouTube videos of over 500 years are being watched on Facebook regularly. According to YouTube, more than 700 YouTube videos are being shared on Twitter every single minute. Therefore, making your videos to cross-promote on other social media platforms will lead to the success of your YouTube channel.

#7. Provide CTA Option

Provide CTA Option

Provide Calls To Action (CTA) option on each YouTube video to promote your channel in a better way. Increase the likes and subscribers for your YouTube channel by remaining your viewers to subscribe and share your videos to the maximum. It will be a great way to engage more people by increasing the shares. 

Include your website link and ask your subscribers to visit your website to know more about your business and product resulting in high website traffic. Because, more than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. Using the CTA option will be a great way to attract more subscribers.

#8. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

An excellent way to promote your channel and increase subscribers is to collaborate with other creators. You will gain new audiences by working with them. Combining with those users will create trust on your channel, and may subscribe because you are working with the channel that they know already.

Find the creators similar to your industry or passion and reach them out to publish your content on their YouTube channel. Working with other influencers of small channels will help to grow visibility for both of them.

#9. Run A Contest

Run A Contest

Conducting a contest on your YouTube channel is a great marketing strategy to engage your audience in an interesting way. Plan to run a creative contest not as usual and announce a winner prize from any of your products.

Motivate your viewers to like and subscribe to your channel to participate in your contest and ask them to follow the guidelines. Make a chance to participate by leaving their opinion on comments. Use this strategy to make your audience interact with you and build strong relationships.

#10. Engage Your Audience

Simply uploading a video will not result in engaging your viewers. Publish interesting content on your channel, and if your viewers enjoyed your video, they would share their feedback and opinion on the comments section. So, focus on it and send a reply to the comment or just hit the like button to create a positive impact.

#11. Try Out With Live Video

Try Out With Live Video

Streaming live videos is a useful promotional strategy to notice your business easily. Watch other YouTube Live videos and know the way they are promoting their brand. Use a similar strategy to show your product live on your channel.

Here are some topics on what you can make a video,

  • Tutorial video
  • Q&A session
  • Demo of your product
  • Webinars

#12. Branding Your Channel

Branding Your Channel

Regarding the statistics, 90% of customers say they discover new brands and products on YouTube. Make your channel visually attractive to viewers by providing your brand logo for your channel. Provide links on your social media sites and also on your website. The visual branding works out well to attract more audience and provide attractive information regarding your bio to bring interest. 

Wrapping Up

Drive more audiences by providing clear content with exciting information and engage them with your video. Analyze each of your videos’ performance and improve the same in upcoming videos to get more views and subscribers.


Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs, and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years. Also, you can find me on

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