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7 Helpful Tips to Write Plagiarism Free Content for SEO

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They say that the most genuine kind of flattery is replication. However, this kind of appreciation has been taken just too far on the Web.

The reason is that copied text percolates on the Internet all of the time. It’s just as simple to get someone else’s written text on your pages as tapping on CTRL+C and CTRL+V.

Have you have thought that why you have to write a post about a particular matter for your own website when someone has already done it and better?

Well, in case of writing already existing content (also referred to as rewriting), black hat SEO’s, trollers and other dubious writers always get accused of plagiarism.

Whenever they take content from the internet or represent it as theirs, plagiarism, in its prudent (intentional) form is always present.

But at the same time, some honest, creative and hard-workingauthors and SEO experts and website owners who always use their own ideas to create awesome content for the readers, often face blatant copyright infringement for no reason.

So, this means that you cannot escape from plagiarism even if you are not taking stuff from the internet and this is called self-plagiarism.

No matter what type of plagiarism you experience, it always affects your SEO practices.

Therefore, every professional writer and SEO expert must be knowledgeable on how to eliminate plagiarism.

When it comes to avoid plagiarism in images, it is pretty easy, you must take some open-source image, give credit to it and you are done.

But to come up with plagiarism free content, things are not that simple.

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7 tips to write plagiarism free content for SEO

Here we’re going to look at some helpful tips and tricks to write plagiarism free content for SEO or how we can eliminate it for better SEO ranking.
The best SEO content is both designed for algorithms and provides readers with useful, detailed and original content.

  • Take time to write

Plagiarism can occur in every piece of writing, either it be a blog, article, thesis, research paper or any school assignment and you ought to remove it before getting your content published on internet and submitting your papers.
The very first approach is therefore to schedule the writing process in sufficient time means do not write in hurry. Always think and do proper research before writing.
Be sure that you have a space to update the content as well as double check it, if you have any doubt to be caught for plagiarism, just don’t post it.
This is a way of creating content which may be helpful for SEO.

  • Showcase original and unique ideas

Producing unique and original content are two the main and most efficient approaches in content marketing and SEO.
In order to help websites to draw more and more visitors, interesting and original posts provide an obvious reason that invites readers to return to the Website as a regular user over and over again.

One of the easiest ways for a website to sabotage its SEO activities is through SEO poor or copied content. It will not only decrease the rank of the website in a Google quest, but also make your content dull and unattractive.

  • Check plagiarism

check Plagiarism

Even when you write everything by yourself, you can never know if your content has plagiarism without getting it checked by a plagiarism checker.

Fortunately, certain websites are available online that encourages and facilitates authors to scan their files for plagiarism.

Check-plagiarim.com is a free plagiarism checker that not only decides whether your files have duplicate material or not, but also highlights and emphasize the duplicated lines.

The use of one of those resources to review and scan each article before submitting or posting to google is one of the better ways to prevent plagiarism and better SEO.

text editor for plagiarism

The professional writers avoid copying sentence from their own previous article on the same subject but still if plagiarism can occur in their writings, it cannot be passed through this plagiarism checker.

  • Use citation technique

Citation means giving proper credit to original author from where you take material. It is important to mention and cite the original source in your content if you assure of using someone else’s information.
Best way is to build a link to them or mention it in your drafts while composing a paper. Basically, citation technique is used for writing up some research paper as you need some previous already exiting facts and figures to be use in your writings.

No matter when and where you cite the original source of content, it always

  •  defends you against plagiarism allegations
  • increase readers knowledge on a particular subject
  • enhance your credibility as a writer


  • Take content from more than one sources

You cannot write plagiarism free content and win SEO race without having proper knowledge about utilizing sources.

Plagiarism is one of the biggest and most critical concern of writers and blogger and its chances get increased when they decide not to use multiple sources for grabbing content.

It is so obvious that when you read only one article and try to rewrite it, you may run out of words’ synonyms and unique ideas that results in higher risks of copyright infringements.

Using more than one sources can enhance your credibility as an author, here’s why;

  • Using more sources equals to getting new ideas
  • Less chances of plagiarism
  • Helps composing creative and informational content
  • Getting a better SEO ranking


  • Proper paraphrasing

It doesn’t take much time and research to write excellent material for the search engines. But most of the content writers, in order to save time, do some things (copy pasting) that could hurt their SEO so bad.

Search engines like Google’s, always ready to catch duplicated words. When you rewrite or paraphrase some content through a paraphraser, make sure of these things;

  • You must not have a string of 5 to 6 words in common.
  • Always consider to use a new collection of words when you quote writers, no matter how long you have to do so.
  • The best way to eliminate plagiarism for better SEO is to begin writing from scratch.
  • The most often used technique is to obstruct the original text so that its wording cannot be referenced when rewriting.


  • Editing

After proper paraphrasing, now, you have content that you think is ready for posting but wait, have you checked it for grammatical mistakes, word count and plagiarism?

Because these aspects can have a great and long-lasting impact on your SEO ranking. Google ranking can never be compromised if your text has bundle of grammatical errors, low word count with some duplicated content.
Here you can use notepad online for final editing of your content, it not only provides you room for composing a file but also offers some additional features, e.g., grammar checker, word count and paraphrasing and more.

notepad online


Plagiarism seems to occur every time you compose something. The reason is straightforward, there will certainly be some convergence in details for millions of blog posts written every day.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
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