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10 Best Diamond Jewelry Website Designs

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If you are a Diamond jewelry designer or jewelry business owner, the best way to make your products more available and increase marketing for your designs is through having a website. Your Diamond website design can elevate your business and increase your sales. Creating a website is easier than ever before. You can also hire an experienced web designer/developer for more professional output. Checck here Forbes Top 10 Diamond Jewelry Online Shop

However, choosing the best diamond website design for your business is paramount as it can either elevate your website or not. Uncover these marvelous website features you should implant in your jewelry website for a better experience for your clients. You can also discover functional web elements to elevate your website. So, read, get inspired, and enjoy!


Blue Nile

If you need a great website to showcase your fantastic diamond jewelry, you can never go wrong with Blue Nile. Blue Nile boasts a clean and elegant design. It is also an e-commerce website that is ready to dominate any market. The creation of Blue Nile uses excellent and distinctive materials that include colorful embroidery, colorful beads, and exceptional fabrics to make extraordinary jewelry pieces.

These colorful jewelry pieces beautifully contrast with the sleek and elegant website design. A practical feature of the website design is the sticky header which provides easy navigation. In addition, the Blue Nile website design appears contemporary because of the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) animation it possesses. Therefore, you can never go wrong with the Blue Nile website design.

Tiffany & co


Each Diamond jewelry brand should tell a story, and the right website can. Tiffany is a website with a clean and modern design. The site’s homepage is attractive, distinctive, and artistic. The website also incorporates a thin menu and a smooth topography. A smooth image transition on the website also adds to the creativity of the website design. Images split in two and proceed to move in opposite directions as the user continues to scroll down and view the jewelry.

So, if you are looking for ways to improve and highlight your brand, generate more traffic for your website, and ultimately grow your business, the Blue Nile website design is perfect for your Diamond jewelry business.
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JAMES ALLEN’s jewelry line boasts an impressive diamond website design. The site’s homepage is a fullscreen design with branding, navigation, and social icons. It uses a slider to move to other pages of the site. The GSAP animation makes the website appear more attractive and lively.
All of the website’s pages also have a fantastic and artistic design. The website also incorporates unique and extraordinary factors like the parallax effect, smooth slider to scrolling animation. Therefore, if you are looking for website design inspiration, the JAMES ALLEN website is a fantastic choice.



jared is another exquisite Diamond jewelry website design perfect for your stunning jewelry brand. The brand presents jewelry pieces made from precious stones and first-rate raw materials. A unique feature of this jewelry line is that it matches your various moods. Subsequently, the website matches the jewelry quality. Like most great websites, the jared website also possesses alluring GSAP animations.

The website categorizes practical elements on its homepage. The website also shows a video background that empowers the hero scene with a headline and descriptive call-to-action. Because the website adopts a cool animation, this asymmetrical layout also adds elegance to the overall design. The jared website design is perfect for a jewelry collection catering to women and men.



Debeers creates striking and elegant pieces of jewelry. The jewelry collection features jewelry pieces featuring intricate twists. The website’s homepage design is relatively simple but elegant. The background features yellow shades and beautiful jewelry pieces. The jewelry also is introduced through a smooth slider.

It also promotes smooth navigation of the page because of the sticky header. In addition, this website also uses an awesome side scroll to implement the transition. This website design inspiration gives your jewelry pieces an elegant feel.



Kay is a talented USA jewelry designer that incorporates precious metals such as recycled gold and silver to make high-quality and durable jewelry pieces. Her e-commerce website readily serves online clients globally. The website features a hero scene showing models sporting their fabulous designs through sliders.

The sticky menu is easily accessible, and the jewelry varieties also look great and clear with a tile layout. This website design is applicable and suitable for a jewelry business based and operating online.



Ananta is one of Thailand’s leading jewelry brands and GIA-certified diamond retail industry. The simplicity of the website design guarantees an exceptional buying experience for its clients. The hero scene displays a variety of images through a slider. Additionally, the jewelry category appears stunningly, with CTAs and thumbnails added. It also utilizes a sticky header that displays the brand’s jewelry collections and makes navigation easier.



Another excellent jewelry website design inspiration is Charriol. Charriol is a Swiss producer of luxury and high-end watches and fine jewelry pieces. The Charriol website design is simple yet efficient. Its website design boasts a pleasant image background on the hero header with the brand’s name and an off-canvas menu.

This website utilizes design elements such as vibrant colors, fonts, and high-quality images that define the brand, its layout, and other necessary components. Additionally, the website possesses huge thumbnails that represent product categories elegantly. Through the use of grids, the website also portrays the best-selling products.


Liali Jewellery

liali jewellery
Liali specialty is jewelry pieces created from Diamond chains. The site’s homepage only possesses a few web elements that display the stunning jewelry collection pieces through high-quality images. The site greets visitors with a hero header integrated with video and high-resolution pictures. Finally, the photoshoot page has a unique and creative design that seems more refined with the magnificent carousels. Introduce your brand across the web with this stunning website design to improve your standing.



Are you looking for an incredible jewelry website design? Look no further than Mejuri. Mejuri is a magnificent brand that advertises fine jewelry for everyday wear. As advertised, Mejuri offers handmade, airy, and inexpensive jewelry that you can use every day. Their site is minimalist, proficient, and stunning. It greets visitors with a polished slider that showcases a creatively photographed jewelry collection.

This e-commerce website adopts dynamic visual ranking and good typography that makes the website content well organized. Like many jewelry websites today, it utilizes a sticky header to enhance usage. The website also possesses other functional elements such as social media icons, mega menu, and newsletters. Therefore, if your goal is to reach an enormous client base, this website design is the way to go.

Grow your jewelry business by building a web presence to market your brand. Most jewelry brands have welcomed the power and capacity of websites in promoting products and services, so don’t be left behind.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
Over $194 Million Revenue Achieved for Clients | 12+ Years of Making the Internet My Marketing Playground


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