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Fly Training & Consultancy – SEO Case study
September 15, 2019
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Igor Beuker – SEO Case study

  • TaskLink Building


Igor Beuker Sir's project was one of our best and premium project for me. I was really excited working on this project.

We were always keeping in touch via email during the period of the project. He was always sharing with me new concept on marketing.

Igor Beuker is a Trend Watcher and Keynote Speaker in TED. I started working with him since 2018. The project was to use his website to build a strong personal brand so as to be able to generate speaking gigs from his website. I really enjoyed working with Igor Beuker Sir.



Type International SEO
Location Target United of states
People Target Technology
Client Industry Digital Media
Business Type Business to Business
Services Provided Personal Branding
SEO Duration Jan 2018 to Aug 2019


  1. Increase search traffic for keynote speaking with keywords, "burning man meets TED".
  2. To increase inquiries for consultancy and speaking.
  3. Increase White Hat backlinks in 3 months.


  1. Optimize ON PAGE SEO for his website.
  2. Join Speakers forums and other niche communities.
  3. Skyscraper Technique, Link Roundups, Link Reclamation method use for 3 months.


igor beuker
igor beuker backlinks
  1. In 3 Months, we were able to generate 118 backlinks on Home and other 3 pages of his website.
  2. Page and domain authority increased.
  3. His website was ranking top for 6 different keywords in Netherland country.
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