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Ideal Luxury – SEO Case study
February 10, 2022
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Jacquie Aiche – Jewelry Designer SEO Case Study


MJacquie Aiche her one women business of online jewelry designing by increasing her revenue by 34% and organic traffic by 57%. How did she do this you may ask? This was all accomplished by the help that was granted by us. Flexforce PRO managed her SEO and also enhanced her web so that she could perform better while being stable. Therefore, this was just a short conclusion of our journey with MJacquie Aiche but there is always more to the story.



Type Jewelry Designer
Location Target USA,UK, UAE
People Target 25 Age Above(Women)
Client Industry Ecommerce
Business Type B2B, B2C
Services Provided SEO Marketing
Marketing Duration July 2018 To 2021


Jacquie Aiche offers amazing jewelry that includes classes, timeless and outstanding jewelry pieces. Our longstanding client’s main aim was to increase her online sales and also to generate more continuous traffic on her site to gain more visibility and recognition.


We provided our unique offers of SEO and web development services to Jacquie Aiche. We never start anything without coming up with strategies. Therefore, our approach centered on first creating a unique optimized copy for the site. This included all of the things like the blog post and all the different product descriptions. This was done to build high-authority links through various outlets. Moreover, Flexforce PRO also completed a whole development to ensure that the site runs smoothly at all times without any hardships.


After putting in all the efforts and making her website more developed and enhanced, she launched her new site which gave shocking yet successful aftermath. By implement her seo stretegy for her site, she gained 57% of organic traffic because the new organic users rose by 33%. Moreover, it just does not stop there, her organic revenue also increased by 67%. If we compare this to the previous year then her total organic revenue grew by 47% all by taking our help.

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