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November 9, 2021
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December 11, 2019
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Satya Jewelry – Marketing Case Study


Flexforce PRO SEO team and Satya has a working relationship since 2019. We were providing them with the best SEO solutions. Satya wanted us to enhance their presence in the organic search, increase the traffic on their site and boost up the sales on an e-commerce website. 



Type Gemstone Jewelry
Location Target World
People Target 25 Age Above(Men & Women)
Client Industry E-commerce
Business Type B2B, B2C
Services Provided Digital Marketing
Marketing Duration July 2020 to 2021


Satya jewelry wanted Flexforce PRO to bring down the dependency on paid search and come up with a master plan to drive the organic traffic. The main task of our team was to increase the perceptibly further while keeping in mind to give them the landing pages that are fierce in the long term. But the main thing was that Satya was having very minor visibility for key search terms in the jewelry sector.


The first thing that we have to do in the task was to make sure that they have perfect landing pages; which can support their products. After that, we were able to pinnacle the number of pages that should be created by finalizing a comprehensive page gap audit. Basically, the missing pages include the category and subcategory of the landing pages for the various jewelry products. On the Satya site, we included a total of 3 new landing pages. We were able to increase the impressions up to 21%.

The team at Flexforce PRO was focusing on reinforcing topic authority for product category pages and developing the content on the pages. It was done after we had a clear side structure. 


satyajewelry keywords

In a time period of months, we were successful in delivering the best results to Satya with an increase of 34% in impressions and 26% in organic traffic. It is clarified with an increase in the average position of the site moving from 43.6 to 21.6 These ultimate changes are just the start of their future plans to maintain their content marketing strategy as well as starting off-site activity

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