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TSJ- case study

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Three Sisters Jewelry has been providing custom-made jewelry to customers for almost 14 years. It is run by Zoe Mohler. To create an ideal sense of modern nostalgia Mohler takes inspiration from vintage jewelry but infuses it with modern meaning

Three Sisters Jewelry had difficulty in collecting customer reviews in spite of offering discounts and coupons for reviews. The brand needed a solution for reviews that would be able to understand and serve small businesses.

TSJ was a small company and there was no dedicated tech person who can manage a complex backend. Three Sisters Jewelry was a strong company from the beginning. On launch day, they were featured on Good Morning America. Many celebrities wore it and were also featured in various magazines and editorials. There are even lines in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. To drive continued growth, however, the brand relied heavily upon word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers.

TSJ was facing difficulty in collecting valuable reviews from their previous provider. They even offer coupons and discounts in return for reviews. “I was fascinated by the number of reviews that other jewelry brands had. They just had so many! I was curious how they managed to accumulate so many reviews when I couldn’t even get one. I tried a different method at the time and requested reviews but was not getting any replies. . Mohler recalls that even though I offered discounts, it was still not happening.

Mohler realized that she didn’t have any technical experts to help her choose a review provider. She needed something that was easy to install and maintain.
Small businesses often don’t try to invest in tech solutions. If you are also running a small business then you can make sure that they will completely help you. When we are investing some money we want to do it with the person on which we can rely.
The main takeaways
Mohler was browsing her Instagram and found IMZuber advertisement. It featured a review by a customer from another jewelry brand. She was immediately interested. Mohler says, “I found them through this brand. I would always see the ads that had reviews on my Instagram. They were very eye-catching, and they promoted user-generated content. That was what fascinated me.

Mohler also received a recommendation from the agency she was working with IMZuber at the time to use in order to collect reviews. She gave it a try. Mohler began with the free plan. She says, “I was just testing it out, trying to get an idea of how it worked behind the scenes.” It was easy to set up after working with IMZuber even without a tech person.

Mohler began to learn more about IMZuber platform through ongoing education. With the help of their extensive support documentation, Mohler added a dedicated reviews page to her website so she can increase organic traffic to her site.
The main takeaways
The brand began to ask the customers to tell the story behind their personal experiences.
Over 700 reviews have been written about the brand and it’s still increasing.
Three Sisters Jewelry created a loyalty program to build up the relationship between customers and the brand. Mohler began to learn more about customization options and after some time, she decided to individualize her review requests. Mohler began asking customers to tell their stories about their purchases. This led to fewer negative reviews. She created such a platform where customers were able to share their motivations and interests. This also gave potential customers the chance to view these stories and get inspiration to create their own pieces. We asked customers to tell us their stories, rather than just leaving a review. People love to share their stories! Sometimes one doesn’t have the free time to try out everything in the business. You can make your job easier when you will start to see all of the solutions in front of you.

Soon after the reviews began to pour in, Three Sisters Jewelry saw over 700 reviews and has seen an 11% increase in CVR. Mohler was overwhelmed by the number of satisfied customers and knew that she needed a way for them to come back. She added IMZuber loyalty to business and created an on-brand loyalty program to recognize her most loyal customers. Mohler states, “We have many customers who have been shopping for us from the start.” I want to acknowledge and honor them. Mohler is excited to continue collecting stories and creating deeper relationships with customers for the growing more in the future.

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