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Elevate Your Voice in the World of Jewelry: Unleash Your Creativity, Write for Us!

Are you a writer, blogger, or an jeweler and you will like to submit a jewelry write for us?

Awesome, we accept guest posting anyone as far as the person is an expert in jewelry related topics.

We only publish articles on our site that are packed with useful information on gemstone, jewelry, business.

Our readers love to read articles that show them how to achieve a certain result.

There are looking to learn more about jewerlry design and marketing.

Jewelry Guest Post Requirements

1. Your article must be 100% original and of high quality. We do not accept articles that has been published somewhere online (including your blog).

2. The minimum word count of articles we accept on our site for guest posts is 800 words, but there is no maximum.

3. You should include a short description of yourself at the bottom of the article with maximum of one link.

4. Your article must reflect the writing style of our site. It should be something like a step-by-step tutorial on something that has not been published on our site.

5. We do not accept promotional articles as guest posts. If your article is promotional, we will have to treat it as a sponsored post which you will be charge for before it get published on our site.

What You Tend to Benefit

Submitting Jewelry guest post will us will give you maximum exposure.

Your article will be read by thousands of our blog readers. You will be seen as an authority in the topic.

Your article may need to be edited for grammatical errors and format.

As soon as we approve your article, you will be notified when it will be published.

Approval might take days depending on how many guest post we have waiting on queue.

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