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Jewelry store SEO intensive analysis

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To increase the organic rankings and traffic to the site, the Lincroft Village Jewelers came to IMZUBER.

In the local community they are well established favorite. They were hoping to improve their overall internet ranking. The sole aim of this brand was to online and in-store conversions.

When they approached our team, the Lincroft was lucky to rank on the first page of some major Search Engines because of its few keywords. But the brand was then penalized after a Google update. This was because the previous provider had installed a handful of unnatural back links.

The desired effect
IMZUBER knows that building the trust and locality is not something that can be done in an overnight. It was obvious that the repairing of the Google’s manual action against Lincroft was going to take some time.

After procuring the knowledge that which products and services potential customers want; an intricate SEO campaign was designed and implemented by our team. The campaign of both on and off page content was consisting extensive list of targeted customers.

The team was able to successfully submit a reconsideration request to Google to restore the online reputation. It was only possible due to the thorough backlink analysis which allowed us to remove the black hat tactics.

After cooperating with IMZUBER, Lincroft was able to rank among the top 3 results due to the 200 keywords. And it was in between 4th and 10th for over 1500 more. Despite of their ban, the Lincroft was able to see 1300% increase in only search terms. All of these things were presenting the durability and the value of the honest SEO services.

The outcome was quite simple. It was a professional approach and modified digital marketing strategy which works for specific regional and local audience creating their own customized SEO strategy.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
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  1. Kenneth M. Becnel says:

    As someone who manages an online jewelry business, this article was a revelation. The level of detail in the jewelry store SEO analysis is remarkable, and it’s clear that FlexForce has a deep understanding of the nuances that come with promoting a jewelry brand. The discussion on optimizing images and using structured data for rich snippets was particularly eye-opening.

  2. Thelma J. Morgan says:

    This article on jewelry store SEO analysis brilliantly explores that junction. The meticulous breakdown of the different facets of SEO, tailored specifically for jewelry stores, is commendable. The focus on creating an engaging user experience through optimized product pages and clear navigation is particularly relevant. The practical tips and actionable insights make this article a valuable asset for anyone.

  3. Mildred C. Gutierrez says:

    This article on jewelry store SEO analysis is a true gem for anyone in the e-commerce world. The insights shared here go beyond the basics, delving into the intricate details that can truly set a jewelry store’s online presence apart. The emphasis on understanding user intent and crafting content that resonates is especially enlightening. The case studies provided add a practical dimension to the concepts discussed.

  4. Ruth O. Harrison says:

    Navigating the world of SEO can be a challenging endeavor, and this article on jewelry store SEO analysis provides a much-needed compass. The comprehensive approach to optimizing online jewelry stores, from identifying long-tail keywords to enhancing product descriptions, is truly insightful.

  5. Jessie G. Turner says:

    Wow, this in-depth analysis of jewelry store SEO is an absolute treasure trove of insights! The article beautifully captures the nuances of optimizing an online jewelry store for search engines. The breakdown of key factors such as keyword research, on-page optimization, and backlink strategies provides a comprehensive view of the meticulous approach required. The case study examples further illustrate the real-world application of these strategies.

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