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November 11, 2018
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November 16, 2018
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E-Commerce SEO for Jewelry: Increased search traffic 93.8k Visitors [Case Study]

gemone diamond website screensort
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gemone diamond website screensort

This is an online e-commerce store that sells things ranging in price from $300 to $12,000. Initially, the site had little organic traffic and relied heavily on sponsored marketing.

They began SEO by purchasing a few ad hoc SEO services, but they weren’t fully committed until they enrolled in our Ecommerce SEO program.

There was a lot of factors for improvement here!

Audit of SEO

An SEO assessment is always the first step we take. Anything that could keep them from ranking is being investigated.

  • Missing meta, Duplicate issues
  • Over optimize products(keywords on title,description,h1,h2, content)
  • Content spin & duplicate into multiple products
  • Robots.txt is not the standard format
  • 404 Pages, Broken Interlink
  • Backlinks from low-quality domains & not relevance
  • Interlink same anchor text multiple times

The “Easy Wins” Analysis of Keyword Research

To begin our keyword research, we look for commercial purpose and transactional phrases that are beginning to rank, but aren’t quite at the top of the search engines yet.

These are fantastic targets because we can usually increase their size to observe faster traffic gains.

We discovered 76 prospective targets, largely towards the bottom of page one through page three, with CPCs ranging from $2.50 to $20.50.

Product sites, category pages, and blog content were all included in these URLs.

We collaborated with the customer to identify a few high-priority targets for immediate improvements!

E-commerce companies can use paid tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush, or use our FREE Google SEO Ranking Checker to get a head start on keyword research.

Competitive Gap Analysis – Keyword Research:

competitors gap

The competitive gap study is intended to assist you in identifying keywords that your competitors are presently ranking for but that you are not.

This is an important stage because it always aids in the generation of fresh keywords that you may target with content.

When it comes to content gap research, e-commerce is a little different from other sites. When you run it, you’ll almost always get a slew of product names that you won’t be able to sell.

We work closely with the customer on these and choose targets together to ensure that we’re targeting keywords that are relevant to the things they have in stock.

The SEO Strategy and Implementation:

This was a fairly conventional campaign in which we developed consistent content and site linkages.

For months one through three, we followed the same strategy: We employed a variety of anchor text to create in-content links that focused on quick wins.

a thousand words We concentrated on creating content that targeted high-volume keywords connected to the specialized products.

And as for the traffic, it started to improve as soon as we started:

In the Future:

We’ll be able to do some surgical link building and drive these up even further now that we have these amazing, long-form blog material ranking (AND they’re valuable pieces of content, not simply product pages).

What’s even better is that we now have a TON more content to work with… and it’s starting to show!

We can see Google starting to open the floodgates by pursuing this technique — This demonstrates the enormous potential that awaits us in the future:


Ecommerce requires content, and you can start ranking for your valuable keywords by generating long-form blog entries.

These pages are easier to rank, and you may link to your product pages from within them. It’s 1000X easier to earn good links if you have the content!

Do you want to improve your Jewelry SEO ranking? Send your Request. 

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
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