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How we helped Mejuri in succeeding in the SEO for eCommerce business world

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Achieving the best eCommerce business results for SEO can be difficult. This is a world of revolution and everything keeps changing. Hence, one thing that businesses need to keep up is with the demands of the people. That is why IMZuber is here. We helped Mejuri’s e-commerce rise in their SEO results. They now get around 600K people on a monthly basis and all of this is done organically.

Mejuri’s estimated annual revenue right now is $64.1M and all of this was not luck but, it was done through our effective services. Moreover, their total funding is $28M. Hence, with this much of a budget, it is not difficult to achieve a good amount of growth especially when it comes marketing-wise.

Other forms of improving organic traffic

The authentic value of Mejuri’s organic traffic is about $600K. Therefore, this can be compared with paid traffic in which one visitor from paid ads lands on your website, you will have to pay $1. Hence, this is why for 600K visitors, you will have to pay $600K.

Moreover, there are other things to notice as well. This type of organic traffic gives them an x3 times return. Hence, each month they get 1.8 million sales from the organic traffic, or $21M. The rest of their revenue comes from their paid social media, emails, influences, partnerships, and search engine ads.

How long do you have to wait to obtain the perfect results?

It took Mejuri about 5 years of hard work and investment to build 600K monthly visitors. This is proof that even if you have a good amount to start with, building your SEO results for an eCommerce business takes time and effort. Mejuri still has not yet stopped this process and they are now doing more to develop. To see fruitful results, you will have to go through difficulties. One main thing to know is that the price and the speed of getting SEO growth for eCommerce businesses depend on 3 things:

• eCommerce content marketing strategy

This is mainly based on blogging. Hence, a blog is a marketing channel and this strategy will surely increase your organic traffic. Moreover, it will also allow you to product placement inside your traffic source. The main purpose of a blog aims to convert the reader into buyers. Therefore, it will have to sound interesting to the readers so that they can be tempted to purchase your item. This performance can also depend on several blogs and backlinks. To get an average viewpoint, every blog can bring 5-10 sales a year and even hundreds only if it is ranked on the top of Google’s first page. Therefore, if you accomplish 100K/m of visitors then this means that your traffic values at 100K/m.

Hence, it is like investing 100k/m in marketing but with 0 money. The value of organic visitors grows over time due to the media costs which rise every year. Blogging may sound hard for some people because they are not used to writing or they do not contain the skill. Hence, for that, you will need to either hire someone to try to develop this skill within yourself. If you are going to hire then you should make sure that it is a good copywriter who can bring good style. However, there will be one more thing that you will need to do. This will be to find good keywords for all the blogs that you upload. A keyword can also become a blog topic.

• SEO E-commerce optimization

This means that you optimize your product description and titles for all the specific keywords and searches. IMZuber helped Mejuri in coming up with the keywords that gave them success. By listening to us and implementing our advice, Mejuri did not make any simple titles or fancy ones. Instead, they used titles that had keywords embedded in them.

Therefore, if you are trying to increase your visibility then placing keywords in titles is also a good idea because that way, the views on your product can grow more. Hence, the main goal should be to optimize your product and also to categories for specific searches. You can then also analyze the demand and then optimize your product pages according to that. To achieve better, you will need to work smartly.

• Backlink portfolio for eCommerce

If you want to increase your organic traffic then a portfolio of backlinks is important. A backlink from a good and visible website will surely give you a change in your organic growth. By having backlinks, google will get to know that your website is worth the look and also it is worth placing it on top of the search result page. Hence, this will be one of your goals completed because you want your website to rank first.

At this current time, due to our services, Mejuri has over 4K domains. Hence, one domain can refer to numerous backlinks. This means that the higher number of domains, the better the results you will receive. This is why the quality of backlinks matters. If you get backlinks that are spam or cheap then you may get banned and all your efforts and hard work will go to waste. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when it comes to choosing backlinks.

How do social media ads grow SEO traffic in eCommerce businesses?

When you get into the whole situation of increasing your organic results then you will have to conquer 2 main things which are paid ads also known as PPC and also SEO. These are the 2 main things that will surely increase your growth only if you know how to properly function. With the help of IMZUber, Mejuri combined these 2 things easily through paid social media ads, paid google ads, and SEO. Moreover, we also helped them achieve influencer marketing to give them extra visibility.

Zuber Shaikh
Zuber Shaikh
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  1. Gregory J. Ross says:

    As an eCommerce entrepreneur, this article about Mejuri’s SEO triumph truly struck a chord. The step-by-step breakdown of their strategy with FlexForce offered valuable insights into the multifaceted world of eCommerce SEO. From the importance of mobile optimization to the role of comprehensive keyword research, every aspect was meticulously addressed. Mejuri’s success story reaffirms the notion that well-executed SEO initiatives can lead to tangible growth.

  2. Alecia S. Monaco says:

    Mejuri’s journey from struggling to succeeding in the eCommerce SEO realm is a true testament to the impact of strategic digital marketing. The collaborative efforts between Mejuri and FlexForce showcased how a data-driven approach, combined with technical finesse and content excellence, can lead to exceptional results. Achieving a 200% increase in organic traffic is not just impressive, but also a beacon of hope for other eCommerce businesses aspiring to make their mark online.

  3. Jean H. Chun says:

    Reading about Mejuri’s journey to triumph in the competitive eCommerce SEO landscape was incredibly inspiring. It’s evident that their partnership with FlexForce was a game-changer in shaping their online visibility and growth.

  4. Alyson E. Dodgen says:

    What an insightful read! Mejuri’s journey towards excelling in eCommerce SEO is a true exemplar of leveraging expertise to fuel success. The collaborative approach with FlexForce, focusing on technical SEO, keyword optimization, and content quality, played a pivotal role in boosting organic traffic and revenue. This case study underscores the power of adapting strategies as per industry dynamics and consumer behaviors.

  5. Micheal M. Salinas says:

    The article highlighting Mejuri’s accomplishment in eCommerce SEO is a must-read for anyone navigating the intricacies of online business. The details shared about their partnership with FlexForce shed light on the comprehensive strategy that paved the way for their remarkable growth. From optimizing product pages to crafting engaging content, every step showcased their commitment to delivering a seamless user experience.

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