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Pinterest Case Study: How Jewelry store 459% Increase Traffic

459% Pinterest Growth
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The amount of organic traffic you can get from Pinterest is astounding.

Every month, Pinterest sends thousands of visitors to our Jewelry website store ( Our post has been Impressions over 200k+ times in the previous 30 days.

Pinterest is a terrific source of referral traffic, but to get started, you’ll need some authority and followers. In Sep, we received 12.75k interactions and 6.19k engaged audience.

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I quit working in 1st sep and assigned all of the urgent articles. After writing roughly eight different but relevant articles that eventually appealed to the consumer to purchase the product, I built jewelry/fashion/lifestyle related boards and pins connected to those articles.

It can feel like a miracle to start products and acquire traction so rapidly.

While I am hesitant to provide numbers (since it feels like bragging), I have included them in this piece to demonstrate that it is achievable.

If you’re still trying to figure out how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, you’ve come to the perfect spot!  Check our Pinterest setup & Optimization Services here.

I’ll show you the most critical things you need to do on Pinterest to obtain over 100K organic views per month.

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How to use Pinterest to get 3x more visitors to your Jewelry store

Pinterest, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, is a search engine.

Its purpose is to show users the pins that are most relevant to their search query.

The higher you rank in Pinterest’s feed, the more authoritative and relevant your profile and content are.

In this piece, I’ll outline the key stages I took on my Pinterest journey and offer advice to help you achieve as well. Connect with me

Follow this step for effective Pinterest marketing  2021:

  1. Create a verified merchant account on Pinterest for your jewelry business.
  2. For Board/Pin SEO, target/search keywords.
  3. Pins that are regular, fresh, innovative, appealing, and educational.
  4. Arrange for rich/story pins to be used.
  5. Create boards and include keywords in the title and description.
  6. Join specialist niche external boards /describe the items above in 8-15 lines.


After you’ve chosen a product and conducted keyword research, you’ll need to develop content that persuades the reader to buy the item. (DO NOT SPREAD LINKS ALL OVER THE CONTENT) Include 2–3 banners in the article that describe the subject with appropriate alt text, in addition to the standard on-page. Because Pinterest increases the pins already in the blog post, you should include at least two banners in your content.

Before we drive our Pinterest audience to our site, there are a few things we need to perform first to increase our impressions.

Create relevant boards using seed keywords and include other important keywords in the board’s description.

Save other people’s pins, follow individuals in your niche, and repin their material to your boards as well.

Pinterest encourages you to spend as much time on the platform. Thus I don’t recommend using automation. Also, use pins to visit places and spend time there.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever Begin with one pin per day, and two repins each day.

Put your keywords in the title and description of your pin, and make sure you’ve utilized them throughout your article as well.


The length of time between pins impacts the reach of your save, so don’t spam all of them at once.

No hashtags should be used in a pin

The description should be genuine.

Keyword stuffing does not work here.

In a day, how many pins did I do?

I didn’t make any pins at first and instead repinned pertinent stuff to my boards. After that, I did two pins, and four repins per day, which worked for the entire month. You can increase the pinning rate as your accounts grow older, but if you’re starting, the 2:4 ratio is ideal.

How can you gain authority and followers on Pinterest?

Updating meaningful(informative + helpful) content on quality pins (pins that aren’t just there to redirect traffic) generates a lot of buzzes, which leads to additional followers and authority. To attract more visitors to my account, I used to submit jewelry video material and use the Pinterest narrative tab.

Are there any images on Pinterest?

To make the images, I utilized Corel Draw and Canva pro. Avoid using photos from Pexels and other free image portals because they are already on the platform.

Canva pro also provides jewelry photos & videos free to use. Easy to customize & Share online.

I’m not sure if this is correct or incorrect. However, I used to capture photos from Pinterest, Instagram, Etsy (which is not legal and may lead to pin down or account down if the user reported.)

Make sure the banner has a 2:3 aspect ratio and is 1000 x 1500 pixels in size – this is recommended.

Jewelry Images that work well include: 

Time is also crucial, and my twenty-four-month experience has shown that pinning around (Target Country)midnight and early in the morning works best. Because of some personal issues, I have not adequately prepared the case study; however, if you have any queries, please get in touch with me.

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